Thoughts on Java Report September 2017: Conferences and a New Training

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Last month was the most relaxing one since I launched my first online course in 2016. My family and I went on a vacation and I almost did not work for 3 weeks. And the best part about it, I prepared almost all posts and videos in advance so that you (hopefully) didn’t even recognize my absence.

It was great to take a break and relax a little bit. Especially because the rest of this year will be incredibly busy. You will see me at various conferences, and I’m working on a new online training. But more about that at the end of this post.

Posts & Videos

As I said, I prepared almost every post and video before I went on my vacation. So, I was able to stick to the normal schedule and bring you 2 new posts and 2 new videos every week.


It has been 5 weeks since the last Thoughts on Java Report. So, by uploading a new video every Tuesday and Thursday, this makes 10 new videos in total.

Hibernate Tips

As always, the Hibernate Tip videos present a quick and easy solution for a common development task. In the last month, I showed you how to validate that an entity attribute value is within a defined range, filter entities from a mapped association, exclude unchanged columns from generated update statements, log the execution time of a query, and to fetch associations in batches.


In the tutorial videos, I get into more details. So, the videos are a little bit longer than the short Hibernate Tips and bring you a more in-depth explanation of a concept or feature.

In the last month, I explained how to query data from an audit log with Hibernate Envers, gave you 5 tips to write efficient queries with JPA and Hibernate, showed you how to create type-safe queries with JPA’s static metamodel, talked about 6 things you need to know when you used Hibernate with a PostgreSQL database and showed you how to map the classes of the Date And Time API with JPA 2.2.


During the last month, I wrote 4 tutorial and 5 tip posts about different, persistence-related topics.


I completed my series about version-based database upgrades with Liquibase, summarized a few best practices for many-to-one association mappings and wrote about the new features in JPA 2.2.

Hibernate Tips

And the Hibernate Tips posts show you how you can use a timestamp for versioning and optimistic locking, persist a List of Strings as an ElementCollection, map an association to a Map, remove a child entity when it gets removed from an association, and select a specific subclass from an inheritance hierarchy.

What is planned for September

In September, I will spend most of my time speaking at conferences and working on my new Hibernate Beginners Online Training.

I have been asked for a beginners training for quite a while now. So, it’s about time that I create one that teaches you all the basics you need to know to start using Hibernate in your projects. And it will, of course, show you everything you need to know before you join my Advanced Hibernate Online Training.

Update: I released the JPA for Beginners course and you can enroll here.

When I’m not working on the new training material, I will be speaking at conferences:

On next week’s Tuesday and Wednesday, I will give 2 workshops at the Workshop Tage 2017 in Rotkreuz, Switzerland. In the first workshop, I will speak about multi-tenancy with Hibernate ORM and give a quick introduction to Hibernate Envers and Hibernate Search. The second workshop is all about advanced Hibernate features.

On Thursday, September 14th, I will travel from Rotkreuz, Switzerland to Munich, Germany and give my “Hibernate Tips ‘n’ Tricks talk at the Netbeans Day Munich 2017.

And on September 29th, I will give my “Hibernate Tips ‘n’ Tricks” talk at the JUG Saxony Day.

OK, that’s it for this month. And I’m already preparing for October when I will be speaking at:
Java EE Summit (17th October 2017):
Talk: Hibernate Tips ‘n’ Tricks – Schnelle Lösungen für typische Probleme und Anwendungsfälle
Use the code javaenterprisesummit15 to get a 15% discount.

Geecon Prague 2017 (18th-20th October 2017):
Workshop: Performance Tuning With JPA and Hibernate
Talk: Hibernate Tips ‘n’ Tricks – 15 Tips to solve common problems

Berliner Expertenseminar (24th-25th October 2017):
Training: Hibernate Performance Tuning

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