Hibernate Performance Tuning Online Workshop

20th-22th April 2021 - Online

Stop struggling with your slow persistence layer and finally unlock Hibernate’s full potential!

In this workshop, you will learn about the most common causes for performance problems, how you can identify them before you deploy them to production, and what you can do to fix them. We will also talk about the right mindset and techniques to build scalable applications while avoiding unnecessary complexity and over-optimization.

Spring Data JPA

8th-10th June 2021 - Online

This workshop is still in development. I will share more infos about it soon.

Data and Communication Patterns for Microservices

14-16th September 2021 - Online

Microservices make it much easier to implement and understand a single service. But they also introduce new problems. Exchanging data between our services without introducing scalability issues and putting your data consistency at risk is much harder than it seems.

In this workshop, you will learn the modern design patterns required to build independent, robust, and scalable applications. You will learn the essential requirements and communication concepts for microservices, synchronous and event-based approaches to share data between services, patterns to ensure consistency during distributed write operations, and event-focused strategies to manage your data.

Advanced Hibernate Workshop

30th November - 2nd December 2021 - Online

Stop copying random code snippets and finally create complex mappings with ease and confidence!

In this workshop, you will learn how to map complex associations and data structures, build type-safe queries at runtime, execute custom code for different life cycle events, provide your own type-mappings, implement multi-tenant systems, manage concurrent database access, and much more.

Customized Online Workshops

The members of each team are different, and so is their knowledge and experience. That's why I'm offering customized on-site and online workshops in German and English. Each workshop is specifically tailored to the needs of your team.