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“Thorben has been part of a group of community experts for a long time, helping Hibernate users via his blog posts, articles and various forums. He has a lot of great Hibernate insights to share.”
Steve Ebersole
Lead Developer for Hibernate ORM
“Thorben not only excels with his knowledge about modern JPA API usage – he also consistently stresses the importance of knowing the underlying SQL technology.”
Lukas Eder
Founder and CEO at Data Geekery, Java Champion

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About me

My name is Thorben Janssen. I’m a consultant, trainer, and the author of the Amazon bestselling book Hibernate Tips – More than 70 solutions to common Hibernate problems.

For the last 15 years, I have been using Hibernate and JPA in all kinds of projects, from small ones with very aggressive timelines to huge projects that had to handle thousands of users.

The requirements of these applications were very different, and I learned that Hibernate provides good solutions for all of them. You just have to understand the features with their advantages and disadvantages.

I look forward to showing you how to use Hibernate to implement high-performance applications.

They say

“Thorben demonstrated his mastery of Hibernate and also showed he is an efficient programmer as well.”
Ian Wesley
VP Product Development at Bravado Health
“The Advanced Hibernate Online Training helped me to understand Hibernate much better, and I recommend it to everyone who is using Hibernate.”
Jean-Claude Brantschen
Software Engineer
“The Thoughts on Java Library has seriously boosted my experience on this site by providing a single point of access to all e-books, cheat sheets, tips, videos, tutorials, and courses. All I had to do was to get a free account, and now I have my own page with a profile and an intuitive menu that allows me to navigate between posts.”
Anghel Leonard
Java Architect
“After subscribing to the newsletter, it became clear that Thorben has a firm grasp on exactly the issues we were addressing. We signed up for the expert bundle which included the Hibernate Performance Tuning Online Training and the Advanced Hibernate Online Training.As a result of the training, we confidently refactored our code to follow the patterns described in the training course and doubled the performance of some of our services.”
Mike Hills
Senior Microservice Architect