All your favorite athletes and sports teams work with coaches.
They help them to improve and to overcome the obstacles on their way to success.

It's the same in software development.

A good team can achieve a lot on its own, but a coach helps them to get even better.

It's the nature of software development that you face new requirements
and that you have to work on features you've never implemented before.

That makes the job interesting, but it also puts your project at risk.

Wouldn't it be great to discuss your decisions or problems with a coach?

I'm working with Hibernate for more than 15 years and I'm happy to help.
I can answer your questions, join your design discussions or review your existing code base.

​No more asking questions on StackOverflow
hoping for an answer that doesn't introduce bigger problems than you already had.

No more hiring of consultants for several weeks just to discuss a few questions.

Just the help you need to g​row as a software development team so that you can implement your projects with ease.

Who am I?

My name is Thorben Janssen, and I'm the author of the Amazon bestselling book Hibernate Tips - More than 70 solutions to common Hibernate problems.

For the last 15 years, I have been using Hibernate and JPA in all kinds of projects. From small ones with very aggressive timelines to huge projects that had to handle thousands of users.

The requirements of these applications were very different and I learned that Hibernate provides good solutions for all of them. You just have to understand the features with their advantages and disadvantages.

​I'm happy to join your project as a coach to share my experience with your team.

What others say about their coaching experience

Ian Wesley

VP Product Development at Bravado Health

We worked with Thorben to address some hibernate n+1 performance issues in a legacy application. This was a challenging project as we no longer had any internal knowledge around the specific hibernate queries and we were locked in to using older versions of hibernate. 

In the 10 hours of consulting we had with Thorben we were able to quickly make huge improvements in the performance of our application. Our application startup, during which we load most of the required data, went from 37 seconds to 12 seconds with the optimizations made.

Thorben was extremely professional and punctual. He was able to quickly come up to speed on the existing code base to work through our hibernate challenges. Thorben demonstrated his mastery of hibernate and also showed he is an efficient programmer as well.

Please reach out to Thorben if you are having issues with hibernate.

Tim Fenton

Software Developer at Coupling Corporation of America

We fixed a number of components and I gained a better understanding of how things are actually working. Rather than just piecing together information from all over the internet, I now have templates to pair with the increased knowledge so that future work should be much smoother.

Thorben was quick to respond to all my questions, and he made the extra effort to answer all my questions even if they were not directly related to Hibernate or he had to do extra research.

I definitely recommend Thorben's consulting services. It may not be the cheapest service available, but you can rest assured that Thorben knows what he's talking about. If he is not sure, he will find the answer in an expedient manner. He was very helpful and easy to work with.

Project Coaching Packages

What kind of coaching do you need?
Do you want to jump-start your project and work on important design and implementation decisions?
Or do you prefer ongoing coaching for your current project or problem analysis?

Please choose the coaching package that fits your needs or send me a message to discuss a custom offer.

1 Week

Jump-start your project or
fix specific problems

5x 60min Video Calls

Email Support
 - response time: 24h  

Access to my Hibernate Online Courses

Small Teams
(1-5 Members)

Medium-Sized Teams
(6-10 Members)

1 Month

Ongoing coaching for your project or problem analysis 

8x 60min Video Calls

Email Support
 - response time: 24h

Access to my Hibernate Online Courses

Small Teams
(1-5 Members)

Medium-Sized Teams
(6-10 Members)


Customized coaching tailored specifically to your project and team

Code & Design Reviews

Email Support & Video Calls

Access to my Hibernate Online Courses

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