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It’s time to finally announce it: I’m writing a book based on my Hibernate Tips series.

I wrote about it several times in my monthly Thoughts on Java Reports, and after a lot of planning, I’m finally starting to work on my first book. I will release it as a self-published ebook and physical book in April 2017.

I didn’t decide on a title or cover yet, and even the outline isn’t finally defined. There basically isn’t much I can share right now.

So, why do I write this post when I’m just “starting to work on” it?

There is a simple reasons for this post. I publicly announce that I will publish the book in April. That makes me accountable and prevents me from postponing any of the required tasks.

OK, so let’s get into more details about the book.

Content and structure

You probably know the question-answer or problem-solution approach I use in the Hibernate Tips series. The book will follow the same approach and provide answers to common Hibernate questions from a broad range of topics, like:

  • Basic and advanced mappings,
  • Querying data with JPQL, the Criteria API, native SQL queries and other options,
  • Handling of custom data types,
  • Working with geolocation information,
  • Writing audit logs
  • and more …

I already published some of these tips as blog posts. But I will write most of them exclusively for the book and edit the existing ones.

Release date and major milestones

As I wrote at the beginning, I want to release the book in April 2017. That means I have to write, edit and publish the book in only 3 months.

Right now, I’m pretty optimistic that I can achieve that. Let’s hope that doesn’t change anytime soon 😉

So, here are the major milestones:

  • Beginning of January: Announce the book done
  • February 14th: Finish writing
  • March 14th: Finish editing and cover design
  • April 4th: Launch the book on Amazon as an ebook and physical book

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  1. I remember how I read this ebook. The book contains a lot of useful information. Thank you Thorben 🙂

  2. Great news !
    I’m really looking forward for that book coming to fruition.
    Your advices have never been ignored in my department.
    Your book is going to be a must have at my company.

    Thumb up.

  3. This is great. I wish you luck; I have been following your channels and I must say your content excellent is to-the-point.

  4. Wow! Very nice indeed!
    I wish all the luck for you man!
    You can do it 🙂