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Today is the day. After several months of preparation and 3 months of writing and editing at day and night, I finally released my first book on Amazon: Hibernate Tips – More than 70 solutions to common Hibernate problems.

During the first week, you can get the ebook at a special launch price of just $2.99 and the paperback for $12.99.

Hibernate Tips – More than 70 solutions to common Hibernate problems

It’s a cookbook based on my Hibernate Tips blog series. It shows you in more than 70 recipes (more than 35 exclusively written for the book) how to efficiently implement your persistence layer with Hibernate’s basic and advanced features. Each Hibernate tip consists of one or more code samples and an easy-to-follow step-by-step explanation. You can also download an example project with executable test cases for each Hibernate tip.

The Hibernate Tips book gives you more than 70 ready-to-use solutions that show how to:

  • Define standard mappings for basic attributes and entity associations.
  • Implement your own attribute mappings and support custom data types.
  • Use Hibernate’s Java 8 support and other proprietary features.
  • Read data from the database with JPQL, Criteria API, and native SQL queries.
  • Call stored procedures and database functions.

Get the book on Amazon

Just for a few days, I offer the ebook and paperback at a special launch price. You can get the ebook on Amazon for just $2.99 and the paperback for $12.99.

And if you want to take your support one step further, please also post an honest rating and review on Amazon.

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  1. Congratulations!! Jensson, just read a couple of chapters of your book, great content and very good style. I have also shared your book with my readers, keep it up.