Book Update Week 3 – Real progress … finally

This is my 3rd weekly book update, and I can finally write, that I had a good and productive week. As you know from my previous posts, the last weeks didn’t go as I had planned. But this one was finally a good one. I not only edited all existing Hibernate Tip blog posts and added them to the book, but I also wrote a few new ones. It feels good to finally make some progress.

Old and new Hibernate Tips

So far, I published 28 Hibernate Tip posts on the blog, and all of them are now part of the book. That was more work than it sounds. There are several differences between a series of blog posts and the chapters of a book. Sure, the code samples and most of the explanations are still the same, but I edited all tips so that they (hopefully) fit together and become a cohesive cookbook.

After that was done, I finally started to write new Hibernate Tips so that the book now contains more than 30 tips on almost a hundred pages.

When I announced the book, I set a goal of 60-80 tips. So, there are still 30-40 tips left which I need to write in the next 1.5 weeks. That are 3-4 tips a day. I think I can comfortably write them if I don’t have to do any other work. But I also have to write a few blog posts and record YouTube videos. That tightens the schedule and makes me a little nervous. Let’s hope that nothing unexpected happens and that I can focus on the book.

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  1. Hello Thorben,
    This is the first time I follow somebody how is writing a book. I really like your blog and after finishing reading one I wait curious for the next one.

    I also really appreciate your work!!!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you reach your goal.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Stepan,

      thanks for your kind words. I hope so as well 😉

      The last days were really productive and I already know what I want to write. It should be OK if I can keep the pace of the last few days…