Book Update Week 2 – Asciidoctor and more Tips

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That was another fast and not very productive week. My son was still sick and had to stay at home. I got a few things done that were at the top of my todo list but not as much as I had planned. I’m definitely behind my schedule, but I’m still optimistic that I can write the first version of all tips until February, 14th.

Switching to Asciidoctor

The biggest task I completed last week was moving the current version of my book from Leanpub to Asciidoctor. I want to offer the final book on Amazon and not on Leanpub. I, therefore, don’t want to have any references to Leanpub at the beginning of the book. I didn’t find any option to remove these references, so I decided to try Asciidoctor.

So far, I didn’t have a lot of experience with Asciidoctor. Nevertheless, it was pretty easy to get started. It took me about 1 hour to install the toolchain as described on the homepage, set up the book based on an example project and add the 3 tips from last week to the new book. That was a lot faster than I expected.

Adding more Hibernate Tips to the book

I also edited more of the Hibernate Tip posts and added them to the book. So far, I published 28 Hibernate Tips here on the blog. 11 of them are now part of the book, and I want to add the remaining 17 within this week. And then I will focus on new tips. Most of them will be exclusively in the book, and I will publish only a few on the blog.

OK, these were the main things I worked on in the last week. As I said at the beginning, I’m behind my schedule, but I’m still optimistic that I will finish the first version on February 14th. But that requires 3 very productive weeks. Wish me luck that this one will go as planned.

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  1. Best of luck with the book 🙂 Look forward to reading it as a reader of your blog.
    Matt Raible has wrote some stuff on Asciidoc you might be interested in

    Nice GitHub getting started project

    Aside: I read your blog through a feedly client on mac (ReadKit) the code snippets don’t appear in this.. Probably a good thing for you as it means I add traffic to your site. Just letting you know 🙂


    1. Thanks for the links, Richard. I have a look at them.

      Regarding the code snippets, that’s probably because your feedly client ignores the JavaScript that embeds the gists from github. Don’t know, if I can do anything to avoid that.