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Thoughts-on-Java.org is now Thorben-Janssen-com

By Thorben Janssen

As you might have recognized, thoughts-on-java.org is now thorben-janssen.com. But don’t worry, it’s only a different domain name and nothing really changed. Thoughts-on-java.org gets redirected to thorben-janssen.com, all articles and courses are still there and you can keep all of your bookmarks.

I also implemented a small redesign.

Well, internally and especially technically, it was a bigger change. Until the end of last week, I used a theme and library that was very popular in 2015, when I switched my old blog to WordPress. But over the last 2 years, development on that library slowed down, and I felt like it was time to move one. I hope that the new one provides better performance and gives me more flexibility.

Please let me know in the comments how you like the new design or if there is anything that doesn’t work as you expected.

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Thorben is an independent consultant, international speaker, and trainer specialized in solving Java persistence problems with JPA and Hibernate.
He is also the author of Amazon’s bestselling book Hibernate Tips - More than 70 solutions to common Hibernate problems.

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