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If you are implementing Java applications which store data in a database, the chances are pretty high that you are using Hibernate. And as¬†you are reading this post, the chances are even higher ūüėČ

Hibernate is by far the most popular JPA implementation¬†and there are good reasons for it. Implementing the basic database access¬†with Hibernate is extremely simple. You don’t need more than some¬†basic knowledge about¬†JPA and Hibernate.

Efficient applications require more knowledge

But you can also find a lot of complains about its bad performance on the internet. In my experience, these complains and performance issues could be avoided with a little more knowledge about Hibernate and its more advanced features. But it takes a lot of time to acquire this deeper knowledge.

I have been working with Hibernate for more than 10 years now, suffering and learning from lots of performance issues. And I still haven’t found good educational material about this important topic. That was the main reason why I started to speak about Hibernate performance¬†at¬†conferences and workshops around¬†Europe.

A lot of you started to ask for workshops in other cities. With my little son waiting for me at home, I don’t want to spend all my time traveling and you probably also prefer to learn from home instead of spending 2 days at¬†airports and on planes to get to a¬†workshop and back.¬†Therefore I decided to create an online version¬†my Hibernate Performance Tuning training.

Online version of a real training

You also told me, that you don’t want to get a shortened 2-3 hour course. You want to¬†get the whole training.¬†So here it is. I’m recording all the lectures¬†of my 2 days long workshop including¬†lots of exercises and examples. And if you like, you can discuss your questions with me in a forum or on a personal coaching call.

Lets have a look at the topics of this training. It is divided into 6 parts with 19 different modules and additional exercises:

1. Identify performance problems

In the first part of this training, we will have a look at typical causes of performance problems and how to identify them at early stages of the project.

Module 1: Typical causes of performance problems
Module 2: Identify performance problems
Module 3: Logging

2. Improve read operations

Slow read operations are the most common group of performance issues. We will work on practical examples to understand related performance tuning techniques.

Module 4: Optimizing queries
Module 5: Fetch strategies
Module 6: Query specific fetching
Module 7: Bind variables
Module 8: Projections
Module 9: Byte code instrumentation

3. Caching

Caching provides another option to speed-up read operations. Hibernate offers different caches and we will learn how to use them efficiently.

Module 10: 1st Level Cache
Module 11: 2nd Level Cache
Module 12: Query Cache

4. Move logic to the database

Databases can handle data-heavy operations very efficiently. We will discuss how we can use this to improve the application performance.

Module 13: Database functions
Module 14: Stored procedure calls

5. Speed-up write operations

Inefficient write operations are often not as obvious as slow read operations but can create huge performance issues. During this part of the training, we will have a look at different options to improve them.

Module 15: Bulk operations
Module 16: Batching of write operations
Module 17: Generating primary keys

6. Concurrency

Concurrency issues are often complex and hard to find during the development phase. It is therefore important to get a good understanding of the different concurrency concepts.

Module 18: Pessimistic Locking
Module 19: Optimistic Locking

Early bird discount and limited seats

The online training will start on April 1st 2016 (no, that’s not an Aprils Fool ūüėČ ) but you should not wait too long¬†to reserve your seat. You can get a nice early bird discount, if you book early. And the personal coaching calls in the Premium Package will require a lot of preparation so that¬†I have to limit the available seats to 20.

Find out more at: Hibernate Performance Tuning Online Training.

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