Announcing 2 In-Person Workshops in December

I was asked several times when I will offer the next in-person workshop of my Advanced Hibernate Online Training or the Hibernate Performance Tuning Online Training. In the past, I had teamed up with training companies or conference organizers to host these events. They organized the location, signups, etc. and I taught the workshop. That worked great.

But I always thought that it would be better to host the workshops myself. That would allow me to bundle them with my online courses and to make them available to a broader audience by teaching them in English (please, don’t ask why I couldn’t do that before …) and offering them at a slightly lower price.

Over the last several weeks, my wife and I worked hard to find the right location and to organize everything. And today is the day that I can finally announce my first self-hosted workshops!

In the first week of December, I will teach the Advanced Hibernate Workshop (2-days) and the Hibernate Performance Tuning Workshop (3 days) in Düsseldorf (Germany). I will teach both of them in English, and the Airport Düsseldorf (DUS) offers non-stop connections to most bigger European airports. So, if you’re living in Europe, these workshops are for you!

And if you signup before August 23rd or bring your co-workers with you, I’m offering some sweet discounts. Find out more at Advanced Hibernate Workshop and Hibernate Performance Tuning Workshop.

Each workshop comes with an extensive handout and example projects, lots of exercises with solutions, a participation certificate, access to the corresponding online course and, of course, catering (incl. lunch, coffee breaks with snacks and drinks during the workshop). You just have to organize your travel and make sure to bring your laptop.

Advanced Hibernate Workshop (December 2nd-3rd)

In the Advanced Hibernate Workshop, we will focus on JPA and Hibernate features that enable you to map complex table and domain models. I will also show you several features that make the implementation of complex business requirements much easier.

During these 2 days, you will learn to:

  • use JPA’s and Hibernate’s advanced mappings
  • create dynamic, type-safe queries
  • implement lifecycle callbacks and entity listeners
  • support custom data types
  • manage concurrency
  • create a persistence layer for a multi-tenant application
  • utilize Hibernate-specific query features
  • avoid common anti-patterns by picking the right pattern for your use case

And I want to be sure that you will able to apply all the things you’ve learned to your own projects.

You will, therefore, spend ~50% of the time working on practical exercises and discussing their solutions. So, please make sure to bring a laptop.

And you also get access to the Advanced Hibernate Online Training. Whenever you don’t exactly remember how to use one of the features I showed you in the workshop, you can rewatch the corresponding lecture in the online course.

Sounds interesting? You can find all the details and a form to enroll in the workshop at

Make sure to signup before August 23rd to get the best price.

“Great hands-on workshop about Hibernate’s advanced features.”
Gregor Karl Frey – Chief Development Architect at SAP

Hibernate Performance Tuning Workshop (December 4th-6th)

In the Hibernate Performance Tuning Workshop, you will learn how to identify performance problems before they cause trouble in production and how to fix them.

During this 3-day workshop, you will learn to:

  • understand typical reasons for performance problems
  • identify existing and potential issues in your persistence layer
  • improve the performance of your read operations
  • prevent duplicate read operations
  • move parts of your logic to the database (and when to avoid it)
  • speed-up write operations
  • optimize your concurrency management for performance

As in all of my workshops, I want to be sure that you can apply your new knowledge to your own projects.

That’s why you will spend about half of the time working on lots of practical exercises. Please make sure to bring your laptop.

And you will also get access to the Hibernate Performance Tuning Online Training so that you can re-watch a lecture whenever necessary.

Sounds interesting? You can find all the details and a form to enroll in the workshop at

Make sure to signup before August 23rd to get the best price.

“We doubled the performance of our service.”
Mike Hills – Senior Microservice Architect

I hope to see you at one of the workshops!


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