Hibernate Tips: How to call a PostgreSQL function

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How do you call a PostgreSQL function with Hibernate?


As I explained in my post about using a PostgreSQL database with Hibernate, there are multiple options to call a PostgreSQL function with Hibernate.

If it’s one of the SQL’s or PostgreSQL’s standard functions that’s supported by Hibernate’s PostgreSQL dialect, you can simply call it in a JPQL query.

List<Object[]> o = em.createQuery("SELECT a, count(b) FROM Author a JOIN a.books b ").getResultList();

It get’s more complicated, if it’s a custom function or any other function that’s not supported by the Hibernate’s PostgreSQL dialect. You then need to either create your own Hibernate dialect, or you use JPA’s function function. It was introduced in JPA 2.1 and gives you a generic way to define a function call. You just need to provide the name of the database function as the first parameter, followed by the parameters you want to provide to your function call.

Author a = em.createQuery("SELECT a FROM Author a WHERE a.id = function('calculate', 1, 2)", Author.class).getSingleResult();

And you can also call all PostgreSQL functions as a stored procedure. You, therefore, create a @NamedStoredProcedureQuery and define the name you will use to reference this query, the name of the stored procedure and all parameters.

    name = "getReviews", 
    procedureName = "get_reviews", 
    resultClasses = Review.class, 
    parameters = {
        @StoredProcedureParameter(mode = ParameterMode.REF_CURSOR, type = void.class), 
        @StoredProcedureParameter(mode = ParameterMode.IN, type = Long.class)

You can then instantiate the @NamedStoredProcedureQuery by providing its name to the createNamedStoredProcedureQuery method of your EntityManager. This method returns a StoredProcedureQuery interface which you can then use to set the values of the input parameters and to execute the query.

StoredProcedureQuery q = this.em.createNamedStoredProcedureQuery("getReviews");
q.setParameter(2, b.getId());
List reviews = q.getResultList();

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