Book Update Week 5 – First version is almost done

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After I skipped last week’s book update, I now have to confess, that I still haven’t finished the first version of the book. The writing part definitely takes longer than I expected. The reasons for that become more and more obvious: I underestimated the amount of work and overestimated the available time.

What happened since the last update?

I reorganized some parts of my outline. I added a few tips to my list and removed a few others. Unfortunately, I have to write all of the new ones, and I already wrote some of the removed ones. So in the end, I created, even more, work than I already had. But I think the book will benefit from the restructuring and the additional effort.

Right now, there are 50 Hibernate Tips in the book and 17 on my todo list. I will write them in the next few days so that I can present you the finished first version on next Monday.

The reorganization of the book and the new Hibernate Tips were not the only things I worked on during the last 2 weeks. I also reached out to a great Hibernate expert and asked him to write a foreword for the book. I will not share his name at this point, but I’m very happy that he immediately agreed to do it. (You know who you are. If you’re reading this, THANK YOU!)

What’s next

The difficult part of projects and timelines like this one is that I not only work on my current task, which is writing the book. I also have to prepare the next steps.

Right now, I’m also working on 2 things: The cover and the launch.

I still don’t have a title for the book. So, that’s the obvious next step before I can hire someone to design a cover. I want to make a decision until March 2nd. I hope you can help me with that. I will let you know as soon as I have a few candidates in mind.

The launch of the book is the other big topic I’m working on. It requires a lot of planning, outreach, and preparation to create a successful launch and get a good ranking on Amazon. And this is something I need your help with. If you like to help me to make this book a success, please signup at the end of this post or join my new Facebook group. I will also share more information about the book there, like the candidates for the title and cover.

And don’t worry, I will not ask you for much. A tweet or a quick and honest review on amazon will help me a lot.

Get the book

Edit: I released the book. You can get it at

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