Advanced Hibernate Online Training
Implement complex requirements with ease

Do your projects require more than basic Hibernate knowledge?

JPA and Hibernate make it easy to persist an entity or to load one by id. But for most projects, that's not enough.

You need to dynamically create complex queries at runtime, map inheritance hierarchies to database tables, persist new Java 8 classes, manage concurrency and sometimes you even need to support multiple tenants.

Hibernate can do all of this and I'll show you how.

Stephan KniteliusSenior Consultant

Using the more advanced parts of object relational mapping, like dealing with complex inheritance structures, has never been easy. Thorben explains them in his Advanced Hibernate Online Training in an easy to understand series of lessons and exercises.

Implementing complex mapping structures is a breeze after this.

We have included it into our standard training library for new developers.


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