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How does it work?

Every week I tend to write 2 articles on the blog and to publish 2 videos to the YouTube channel.

As a Thoughts on Java Supporter, you pay a flat, monthly fee to contribute to the resources it takes to produce all that content. As a thank-you, you get access to some exclusive perks, which you can see on this page.

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Where does my money go?

Your support enables me to invest into producing free tutorials for Java developers around the world who are using Hibernate, JPA and other persistence technologies.

As you know, it takes time and resources to create in-depth tutorials, both which require money. Your support lets me focus on making the most valuable content for you that I possibly can instead of spending as much time focusing on the financial side of how to deliver it to you.

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It also helps me host this site, improve my recording gear, and free up some of my time to do more important things, like spending time with my wife and son!

I don't like subscriptions. Do you accept one-time payments?

​I try to keep the management effort as low as possible and don't offer an explicit one-time payment option.

But you can start a subscription with your preferred amount and cancel it immediately afterwards.
This is identical to a one-time payment and will give you access to all supporter benefits for 1 month.

Sorry, I don't have money to support this.

Don't worry! No problem at all! Please don't become a supporter if you're low on money or are struggling financially. I will continue to write articles and make videos that I hope will help you not only improve your software development skills, but even to get a raise or a better paying job to alleviate some of your financial pressure.

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